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Lechuza Orchid Pon 3 liter

Lechuza Orchid Pon 3 liter

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LECHUZA has developed the ORCHIDPON substrate especially for these precious tropical species; it provides ideal conditions for these plants to produce lush flowers. ORCHIDPON ensures your plants receive a balanced supply of water and air, have a good supply of nutrients when they need them, and are kept at a constant pH.

Precious humic substances promote optimal root growth, and they provide the best drainage properties to protect against waterlogging. This ensures orchids are happy and stay well looked after.

ORCHIDPON is available in two sizes: 3 litres and 6 litres.

Overview of the advantages:
  • Rich in humic matter for optimum root growth
  • Good drainage capability, prevents waterlogging
  • Balanced air and water management near the roots to keep plants healthy
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